How To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Scott Nicholson

Published 7 months ago

Let's face it, this is a seller's market and the market will yield the best return for almost all sellers. But, all sellers will face two issues in this type of market. 1. All sellers become buyers and buyers are always looking for that "deal". So, how does a seller deal with buyers that are looking for that "deal"? 2. As this market races to uncharted waters of appreciation of existing homes, so at what point does the affordability boat bring on to much water and sink? In this COVID environment, are income maintaining the pace of appreciation? Low rates or not, we've reached a tipping point in the medium and higher price market for those in general that are trying to maintain the affordability of their housing budget. Where does this stop? How does this stop? Who stops this? What condition could stop it? The key point to keep in mind, sellers are buyers, so sellers need to maintain or create affordability for themselves also. In this video, I will show you how a seller can create top on their sale, but also create affordability for potential buyers of their home.

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